Pest Control in County Durham

Ridgeside Falconry can take care of your pests, especially other birds such as gulls, using only highly trained hawks and falcons , Ridgeside Falconry offers a more humane method to reduce the nuisance of pests.

Our Birds of Prey can remove or reduce the nuisance of flying vermin such as pigeons, starlings, rooks crows etc. Our pest control methods are in keeping with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which generally states that killing, capturing and destroying pests is illegal. Our environmentally friendly pest control methods can be applied in a myriad of settings and locations such as -

  • Landfill Sites
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Factory Premises
  • Office Buildings
  • Farm Crops

Del Chasing Away The Gulls

Ridgeside's Falconry team headed by Phill is one of the most experienced and dedicated in the UK. We ensuring that the hawk or falcon is under strict command at all times during the entire procedure.

The birds of prey that make up the Ridgeside Pest Control Team are very effective at deterring nuisance birds with long-lasting results. By using a natural predator - such as a falcon or hawk - we connect with the pest animal's deep rooted natural instincts - A prey species will not tolerate or turn a blind eye to a predator in their area.

Our specialist in house bird of prey team provide bird and pest control on a wide variety of sites and are trained to handle their hawks and falcons in the most demanding 'urban' environment.

There are an increasing number of pest birds throughout the U.K. From Pigeons to Seagulls we can provide effective bird control for your site.

Some of the issues caused by gulls and pigeons include, excessive noise caused by calling gulls, heavy footsteps in roofs, eaves and wall cavities, fouling on people and property. Damage can occur by gulls picking and pulling roofing material as well as nests that block guttering and drainage ducts. The blocking of gas flues by birds nest can be fatal due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

We are available to visit your site and give you a FREE NO OBLIGATION SURVEY