About Ridgeside Lurcher Displays

Phill, Tracy and Emma Gibbons, of Ridgeside Lurchers, invite you to see their fantastic Lurchers doing what comes naturally to them! In the arena they will race, at full speed, chasing the electric lure. They offer a fast, action-packed demonstration with an informative and humorous commentary by Phill.

The public will have the chance to "have a go" with their own dogs - whatever their breed! The highlight of our demonstration is a race between a lurcher and a hawk. We are the only demonstration to offer this amazing spectacle (when available).

Phill, Tracy and Emma of Ridgeside Falconry are well known on the country show circuit for their fantastic falconry displays and anyone who has seen their show will agree that they don't do things by halves.

Naturally, working with animals, one has to love them, being fond of dogs of all breeds, Phill, Tracy and Emma were looking for a way to bring into their show more involvement of man's best friend. Enter their Lurcher 'Gypsy' and friends, noted for their speed, Lurchers, Sighthounds, Shippets and Longdogs are all forms of hunting dogs, but it's a bit non-PC these days to put on a hunting demonstration in an arena at a large country show. So over the last couple of years Phill and his family have been training their dogs to chase a lure, using a scented toy animal on the end of a long wire and a high speed electric winch, the lure can be routed round bobbins to form a course for the dogs to chase.

Lurchers go back to the 17th century in Ireland and Great Britain and were bred and used by the Irish and British travellers to hunt and poach rabbits and other fieldfare. The name Lurcher comes from the Roman word 'Lur' meaning 'thief' and the short haired Lurcher is the most prized.

When visiting a typical country show it's amazing what a large percentage of the audience is canine, naturally there are always the show dog and pet sections for the more discerning pet owner to enter their long suffering canines to strut their stuff and be preened to perfection. But Ridgeside have always liked a bit of audience participation so why shouldn't the pets join in too.

Usually after their fantastic displays and demonstrations with the birds of prey and their fast action Lurchers, it's time for all the dogs to have a bit of fun. By tradition it's a family affair even their old black Labrador acts as a retriever for the lure. With four legs rather than two he can cover the ground far faster than Phill or Tracy!  So it's time for all the spectators dogs to get into the arena and enjoy themselves and it's not limited to just Lurchers and Whippets. Terriers, Collies and good old Heinz 57's can have a go as well. The end result is that the spectators have great fun watching their dogs have the time of their lives, even if sometimes there are a few squabbles within the ranks. Together with some informative humorous commentary the rest of the audience find it hugely entertaining especially when some dogs are having such a great time.

Phill and his family certainly set a high standard for their professional approach and also the care and comfort for their animals while travelling to and from shows isn't overlooked either, they have their very own air conditioned trailer. So if you're organising an outdoor event, large or small and want something a little different, they can even give it a medieval theme if required, don't hesitate to contact Ridgeside Falconry and Lurcher Racing..