A memorable Falconry Wedding Day

For your special day, we offer a private and personal Falconry Display in the grounds of your chosen wedding venue. Our Birds of Prey will be flying free to welcome the Bride and Groom along with their guests. We also give you the opportunity to delight in flying a Hawk or an Owl! It will be an unforgettable and fabulous experience for your wedding day.

We can time the flying of our birds to suit your itineraries, and as we want to make the day special for you, we always discuss your specific requirements in advance.

Wedding Ring Services

Your Wedding Day is one of the most memorable days of your life. We know how much it means to you which is why we offer a unique service of Wedding Ring Delivery by our gorgeous Barn Owl named Pepsi.

Some grooms keep our owl wedding ring delivery a secret to surprise their bride-to-be, it never fails to impress, making your wedding day breathtaking.

Owl Ring Bearer

Pepsi - Owl Wedding Ring Bearer

Naturally we want your day to run as seamlessly as possible and we begin this by arriving at your ceremony venue a little while before you do. This is to allow our owl, Pepsi a little time to absorb her surroundings and get to know where she will be working. We will meet your Best Man (or whoever is going to receive your rings) prior to the service and certainly prior to any guests arriving. We will introduce them to Pepsi, go over the delivery sequence and teach the ever important cue, so that Pepsi knows exactly who she is delivering her package to.

When your guests begin to arrive we usually remain out of sight. Keeping this part of your service a secret, works really well and creates an amazing wow factor.

During the wedding ceremony

As your ceremony takes place, Pepsi and her handler will remain unseen until the point where she begins her work. She has a short cue, which your best man will deliver. At this point she will silently and elegantly fly along the aisle with the rings firmly held in place and gently land on the offered gloved hand. Your Best Man will unclip and release your carefully delivered wedding rings.

Pepsi’s handler will command the cue again and she will, once again glide gently along the aisle and return to her handler.

After the wedding ceremony

It will be an amazing and moving part of your service, something your guests will not forget for a long time. After you are married, Pepsi and her handler will be available for the newly married couple to have official photograph with their ‘Wedding Ring Bearing Owl’.